MikroTik Certified Traffic Control EngineerCOURSE DESCRIPTION – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer

MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer ( MTCTCE ) is an advanced Mikrotik training class that focus on network traffic management. It covers understanding on packet flows inside the router, how to setup filters through different firewall setting and manage the network traffic efficiently.


Valid MTCNA Certificate Number.

What is the target audience of MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer's Exam?

  • This course is intended for anyone interested in learning MikroTik routing.
  • ISP Owner / Network Engineer
  • Network Consultant
  • IT Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Anyone who want to build the carrier in networking

By the end of this training session, the student will be familiar with:

  • Understand the packet flow diagram and how it flows throught the router
  • Know the network traffic control using mangle and how to optimize it
  • How to use different firewall setting
  • How to use different advance QoS manage the network traffic
  • How to implement DNS and advance DHCP setting
  • Familiarize yourself with Web proxy setting
  • Your certificate can be used in other country since it is internationally recognized
  • Increase your chance to get a better job in an I.T. Networking industry



Section 1: Packet Flow Diagram

  • Create the proper mangle
  • Flow diagram for routing, bridging, connection to router etc
  • Flow diagram for routing, bridging, connection to router etc

Section 2: Firewall Filter, NAT and Mangle

  • Connection state (new, establish, related, invalid)
  • Chain default and custom
  • Actions
  • Advanced and Extra menu
  1. srcnat
  2. dstnat
  3. nat helpers
  • chain
  • action mark
  • action change
  • Universal Plug and Play

Section 3: Quality Of Services

  • HTB general information
  • HTB implementation (queue tree)
  • HTB structure
  • HTB Dual Limitation
  • HTB priority
  • Limit-At
  • Max-Limit
  • Burst
  • FIFO
  • SFQ
  • RED
  • PCQ
  • queue size

Section 4: DNS

  • DNS Server
  • DNS Client
  • DNS Cache
  • Static DNS Entry

Section 5: DHCP

  • DHCP communication analysis
  • DHCP Setup
  • DHCP Network
  • DHCP Option
  • DHCP Security
  • How to configure DHCP Relay

Section 6: Web Proxy

  • Access list
  • Cache List
  • Direct List
  • Access list using regular expression


MikroTik Official Online Exam

  • On the last day of the training there will be an online exam of 60 minutes. (25 questions each.)
  • The passing grade is 60%, if you pass the exam your certificate will be immediately available in your MikroTik account (PDF format)
  • For those who score between 50-59%, will get a second chance. (Free of cost and the same day).
  • Please try the example test in your www.mikrotik.com account to get a better picture about the online exam.